2010 – My goals

My idea for 2009 was to have no new year’s resolutions, just a keyword for the year, #create.  That didn’t work out too well, I can think of countless excuses, one being the birth of my daughter in Jan, which played havoc with the amount of free time I thought I may have.  But the reality is that without clear goals, you’ll never accomplish much.  So for 2010 I ‘ve decided to set clear goals, and make them public, so that I don’t have any excuses to back down on any of them. Continue reading “2010 – My goals”

My wife’s blogging

I’ve managed to get my wife blogging, you can see her writing here. She makes me look like an angel crossed with a god, so don’t believe every word she says 😉

Now, how do I convince her to use Twitter?

Misunderstood keyword

At the beginning of the year, instead of deciding on a stack of new-year’s resolutions, I decided on one keyword for the year. #create. Whether it be more blog posts, some awesome photos, usable applications in the public domain, website that people would actually want to visit/use. That was my motto for the year, to create more and consume less.

But I have to admit, it looks like I misinterpreted my keyword. I went for #procreate instead. Continue reading “Misunderstood keyword”

Belated photos of Abby

Since deciding to move my content from FB to here, I have not had chance to do a lot.  At 22 weeks into the pregnancy we went for the 4D scan (most people try to correct me into saying it is a 3D scan, but you keep on forgetting the time dimension.  The snapshots are 3D, but you get video with Time-lapse, that is why it is called 4D)

Anyway, here are the first photos of our daughter's face, belatedly here, but up on FB for some time.

Continue reading “Belated photos of Abby”