Apple Magic Mouse – R899

Seeing that I’ve switched to a Mac, I might as well get the Magic Mouse for it. ┬áCan be bought at any iStore (ClearWater, Sandton), or some of the Incredible Connection stores

Apple Magic Mouse
Apple Magic Mouse


Skull Candy GI review

I’ve had my Skull Candys for about a year now, and have used them on and off during the year.

Skull Candy GI Headphones

What I like

The sound quality is good, not up there with Sennheiser but good, with excellent bass because of the size of the drivers.

Solid, you won’t break these easily.

Lifetime guarantee, no matter how you break them.

Built-in bottle opener, ok, that’s not really a feature of headphones, but it has come in handy once or twice.

What I don’t like Continue reading “Skull Candy GI review”