The best application for remembering things, with clients that install on just about every platform except mainframe.

There are probably better note-taking apps out there, like OneNote etc.  But, and this is the kicker for me, I don’t just use this for note-taking. I use this tool for what it was intended. The place to remember things.

Let me expand a bit. When you take photos of receipts, signs, anything with some writing on, within a short space of time, these become searchable, with all other text you’ve saved.

I use this extensively for receipts, which I need to keep for warranty purposes etc, or to track prices of items over time.

A neat feature around this is when you take photo of a business card, the app recognises it as such, OCRs all the text and creates a note, with the ability to add to your contacts, and an automatic lookup on LinkedIn.

The second feature I use extensively, is the web clipper.  Things I want to remember, or read later, get clipped.  I have thousands of these.

Go check it out here