When will it stop

It seems that crime in this country has stepped up to a new level of violence.  The gangs doing cash-in-transit heists don't hesitate to shoot in public places anymore, and when they get the chance they try to kill the security personnel in the vehicle as well.  I suppose that is to ensure that they don't get identified later on.

I think it is time that we challenge government, on a local and national level to stop riding the gravy train, and start doing something about this.

It seems that all they are doing is changing names of places, because of arbitrary events that happened there.  Get real, I don't mind my tax money being spent, but not like that.  Rather use the money that you have allocated for name changes to enable the police to more effectively fight crime, and to alleviate the needs of the homeless.

Once all of that has been done, and the crime rate has significantly dropped, then by all means commemorate the death of your great-grandfather's horse by changing the name of a town you've never been to.

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