Keep your blog from sucking

Scott Hanselman posted an interesting article on what your blog should do to not suck.  Read it here.

Now I agree with most of what Scott says in his article, and with this I’ve enabled anonymous comments again, as well as enabled the spam blockers.  If your comments don’t show immediately, I still have moderation on, and all comments will be read.

I will probably also be moving my feed to one of the providers, but am still toying with that idea.

As far as keeping two blogs and cross-posting goes, I disagree with Scott.  I keep two blogs, one for my technical posts, and one for all my posts, all technical content gets cross-posted to the technical blog at

I might think about only posting an excerpt on my technical blog with a link back, but will definitely be keeping both.

I will be making some changes here on the points I agree with, so keep an eye open for them.

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