Waste of our tax money

The fired deputy minister of health has been asked to repay the money spent on her unauthorised trip to Spain.  So far the only figure I heard was for the money spent on flights, R312,000.  No, not Zim Dollar, South African Rand!

Now, I can iunderstand a government minister flying first class, but why should her son and advisor fly first class as well.  Actually, I changed my mind, I don't see any reason for anyone to fly first class with my tax money.  How many people could you have built houses for with that fare?  At least 10 families with the price of a low cost house.

I just tried to book tickets to Spain for 3 adults on SAA's website, at a cost of R147,000 for 3 people in Business Class, apparently First class is not available on the route.  Now assuming that our government uses it's own carrier at specially arranged prices, why was the deputy minister's fare more than double this amount?

Some food for thought… 



I just tried to book first class tickets on BA for the same route, and there I could get it for just under R60K for 3 adults, why would SAA be double the price for cheaper the seats as well? 

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