Dear Multichoice…

…I have a few feature requests.

1. Would it be possible for me to instruct my PVR to record a specific show from the Internet.  I'm not always home when I realise that I forgot to program it to record a "cannot be missed" show or event.  Even better, allow me to do this from my mobile phone.

2. Why should I pay for having all the channels if I only watch a few of them?  Can I not rather have a choice selecting only the channels I want?  There are some channels that I will never watch, they do not appeal to me.  I don't see why I should pay for the "privilege" of having them.  If that is not financially feasible, make up packages where I can buy bundles of 10 channels at a time.  And allow me to swap these on a monthly basis, online if possible.  Surely this would make the service more affordable for most, and you'd grow your subscriber base.

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