What makes a cyclist tick

Padraig from BKW has written a few posts about the things that make a cyclist tick.  These can also be applied to other aspects of life.

Motivation : Yes, we do ride a roller coaster between a huge amount of motivation to go ride, enough to brave any weather, any time of the day, and so little that you can't drag yourself out the door on a perfect day.  I suppose there a lot of contributing factors to this roller coaster, including your diet, and the amount of training you're doing.  As well as how you place in the races you compete in.  A race where you feel like you're pulling out all the stops and still get dropped can kill your motivation for riding quite quickly.  On the other hand, some days you feel like you're just cruising, and you have no issues staying in the race.

Pride : This is what ultimately drives your motivation, the will to show the world what can be accomplished.

I can just say that Padraig is spot on, and I can't wait for the future posts here… 

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