People say I’m mad, but the voices in my head says I’m getting better

After an absence of over a week, I'm back and writing.  The reason for my absence?

I did a cycle tour from Joburg to Durban.  690km in 5 days.  And what fun the tour was.

Therewere 13 of us riding, with the last stage being the Amashova race fromMaritzburg to Durban.  On the Saturday night we decided with the tiredlegs, we'll ride the race as a group, so we all hung back and took overthe D bunch, and controlled it from the word go.   In the end, therewere 5 of us who pulled the whole group to a 3:03 finish, which is byno means a bad time for the race.

This was something that I'dbeen looking forward to for a long time, and will definitely do again. By far the longest tour I've done, but now I want to go bigger andbetter.  So I need some suggestions on start and end destinations for alonger tour, I'm thinking around 1000 – 1200 km 7-8 days.  Preferablyonroad, I don't have the budget at this point to buy a MTB good enoughto do a tour like that.

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