Foreign substances in our food

After enduring the whole uproar about the Melamine found in all kinds of food products from China, I had a look at Wikipedia about what Melamine really is
Now that was a very scary article to read.  Basically it is an
extremely poisonous substance, which will kill whatever ingests it in
big enough quantities.  And it will be a very painful death on top of
that, with guaranteed kidney failure.

Then on Saturday I heard a statement from a Nestle spokesperson that
the Melamine found in their condensed milk on local shelves was well
within the "globally accepted maximum limit".

What BS!!!

I don't care what the "acceptable" limit is.  I don't want any
poisonous substance in any of the food I or my family consume.  I don't
think that any long term studies have been done about the damage these
substances can do to the body if consumed in "acceptable" quantities
over a few decades.

Now is it just my imagination that more things tend to go wrong with
people at an earlier age than what happened when our grand parents were

With all the added hormones and steroids to make plants and animals
grow faster to get to our tables quicker and make the producer a bigger
profit, and with all the poisons contained in our foods at "acceptable"
levels, it is no wonder things are'nt as they used to be.

How do we get around this?  Do I have to start planning to buy a farm
and create my own food?  I hope not, but if it comes to that, I'm more
than happy to go for it if it means my family will be healthier for it.

Your thoughts?

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