Playing the system

According to this article on News24, judge Dennis van Reenen of the Cape High Court came down on attorneys who appeared to be incompetent because of missing documents in court files, and a number of other reasons.

Now, judge van Reenen, have you thought to yourself that these attorneys may not be as incompetent as you believe?  Don't you think that they may have found yet another way to play the good old South African injustice system.

If you're guaranteed to get a postponement every time you "forget" something important, then why not play it for all its worth?  And some of these attorneys play it so long the judge gets tired of it and dismisses the case outright.

The only way to get these guys to stop "forgetting" and "misplacing" important documents is to start fining them for contempt every time they do it.  This way you'll quickly start seeing court cases getting wrapped up at the speed of a teenage boy the first time…

I for one, would love to see swift justice being done in this country, for a change.  And the faster you can get the small cases through the system, the more time there would be for the more important criminal ones.

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