This is exactly where BEE in its current form fell short

Like I’ve been saying all along, BEE in its current form is not working.  And now it has been confirmed by another person

Where our current government went off the tracks was to try and get as many previously disadvantaged people into as many posts as possible, with dire consequences for our country.  They neglected to make sure that the people they appointed had the necessary skills to perform before getting rid of the people that had the skills.  It bit them, hard.

At the same time, they failed on the education side, twofold.  Our youth were never provided with the correct training, and their parents were never educated on why it is important to make sure that their children attended, and actually learnt something.

You cannot blame the previous dispensation for this, because the stats show that things have been going backwards for the last 15 years in this critical area.

Where does it stop?

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