Use a bit of common sense in traffic

One of the things that annoy me the most is someone that does not use his/her nut while driving in traffic.

You are not special, and you don’t have special privileges based on the price of your car, the size of your car or the colour of your skin (this is not a racist statement, just an observation).

If everyone used a little bit of common sense, we would actually get out of the traffic a lot sooner.

If you think you’re special and you race down the wrong lane to try and push into a line at the front, you’re holding up everyone that actually had the patience and common sense to be in the correct lane for where they want to go early enough.

When two rows of traffic merge for whatever reason, this should work like a zipper. If you don’t know how that works, look down at your clothing and figure it out. Take note that no matter how fast you operate said zipper, it always works. Same for traffic merging, if everyone takes their alternate place in the line, you could potentially do this at a steady speed without everyone having to slow down. But notice what happens when you decide you’re special, and you don’t leave a gap for the next person to integrate with the lane in front of you. You hold up both lines, because the person that needed to come in had to slow down, and the person behind you had to slow down to now let two cars in.

When you get to a traffic light, and the line of cars is backed up to the line across the intersection, don’t race across and park IN the intersection, in-case you miss the light.  Now you are holding up the line of traffic going across your route.  Your impatience is selfish.  Rather wait for the road to clear enough so you can fit your car in the line while not standing in the intersection, even if that means to wait for another change of lights.

There is no racing line on public roads.  That’s right you heard me, stick to the middle of the lane you’re in, if you move towards the side, or heaven forbid, cross the line slightly, you’re only endangering your fellow road users.

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  1. And rear fog lights are for use when visibility is poor, not because you think it is cool to blind the driver behind you on a clear night.

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