How about laws we actually need?

In the last 2 weeks things have gone really crazy with the arrest of a journalist for dubious reasons, and the government trying to fast track a law which would enable them to hide the corruption prevalent in their ranks, instead of just fixing the real problem.  I have my views on these things, but this is not what the post is about.

We are in our strike season again, a bit later than usual after everyone behaved so nicely during the World Cup, and since yesterday there has been reports all over about violence and intimidation by the strikers.  This is totally uncalled for!

Everyone has the right to strike, as long as all the processes are followed to ensure that the strike is legal and for the right reasons.  The current reason is that our public servants are not happy with an increase that is already slightly higher than the official inflation rate, which is more than what most people in the private sector got.  The official inflation rate is a farce according to my calculations, but that’s a story for another post altogether.

What is sad about the increases is that our government ministers and other politically connected officials received increases far higher than what the workers are asking for.  So there are two new “laws” I am suggesting in this regard.

1) A committee, made up of the President, Finance Minister, and 2 or 3 other people with the right qualifications, needs to determine increases once a year according to the official inflation rate, and that is what everyone in public service gets, from the top to the bottom, as long as they have achieved their personal performance goals.

2) You still have your right to strike.  But at the first signs of violence or intimidation, whether committed by the strikers or not, the strike is declared illegal, and everyone has 2 hours to get back to work or lose their jobs.

I dare you dear South African Government to fast-track these 2 laws, because it can only have a positive impact on the country as a whole.

3 thoughts on “How about laws we actually need?”

    1. But at least, once they’re through the system this crap will stop. There is no reason for the violence, if people don’t want to strike it is their right to keep on working.

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