Bike Upgrade Before Joberg2C

Seeing that my budget did not allow me to buy myself a dual-suspension 29er for the Joberg2C, I’ve had to choose some new weaponry for my current bike to get at least some comfort.

Fulcrum Red Metal 3 WheelsetFirstly, I’ve upgraded my wheels to Fulcrum Red Metal 3, these are strong, and more importantly, they’re tubeless ready.  I’ve been riding with tubes all along, but seeing that my bike is a hardtail, I’m trying to get the tyres to take a bit more of the shock, instead of my backside.  A tubeless setup allows me to run a much lower tyre pressure, give the sidewalls more flex, and more shock absorbing ability.

Vredestein Black Panther MTB TyresCoupled with the new wheels, I chose the Vredestein Black Panther Extreme tubeless tyres.  They have thick sidewalls, allowing me to run at 1.7 bar pressure.  More grip, and a softer ride.  Win-win in my eyes.

Green ESI GripsMy wrists have been suffering in all the training rides, so I changed grips to the ESI grip, going with a nice green to match the colour scheme on my bike.  The first few training rides have proved that these are a lot more comfy than the expensive crap I was using before.  I’ve also changed the angle of my brake levers to make sure that when I’m using them my arms/wrists stay in a straight line.

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