Traffic cops

I had an awesome training ride this morning, except for a close call with a car out in Krugersdorp.  I turned right into a double lane road, and the car came through the slipway turning left into the same road.  She didn't bother to look at her blindspot, and just started to cross into the lane, OVER THE SOLID WHITE LINE!  Luckily I saw she was going to do this, before she even started, and braked.  What really ticks me off is that a traffic cop turned behind me, saw this happening, and did…NOTHING!  Typical of most South African traffic cops, they only do something if it requires minimum effort, and makes maximum profit, ala speeding fines and talking on mobile phones.  I haven't seen a cop pull over anyone for any other offence in a long time.  When will they finally wake up, and do what we pay them to do?


In his column on News 24 Gary Boshoff asks who is responsible for transformation in rugby.  I think in all sports, the responsibility for transformation lies at the lowest levels, in this case club, school, and varsity.  They should be the ones responsible for it, and this is also where governments should be spending the money.  And I think you should even be able to force the unions to contribute to this effort.  At the provincial and national level, the selectors and coaches should be able to select the best team for the upcoming contest, regardless of the color of the player.  I think that if transformation is handled correctly at the lower levels, the upper levels will sort themselves out, with quality players of all colors coming through the ranks.,,2-1630-1646_1933105,00.html