Value vs Profit

It is sad to see the decline of value I’m getting as a client of many businesses.

This is happening in the endless pursuit (shortsighted) of profit, to maximise the ‘return’ for the shareholder.

The myth that a certain percentage of ‘return’ or growth on an investment is a minimum requirement, is being perpetuated by the countless MBA programs out there, run by professors, who in many cases have never built a successful business.

They see success as the amount of money the businessman gets back from the amount he initially invested.  They see only this, because they are outside observers, who can only see the objective and tangible things.

What has happened to the Brand, that tries to maximise value for the client?  The client is after all the one that makes it possible for a business to grow and make money.  And at some point the same client will vote with his feet, when the value he gets for his hard-earned cash becomes too diluted.

In my opinion, the customer experience has been ruined by an influx of MBAs, to maximise the investor’s experience.  This is not sustainable.