Unions, good and evil

Vavi recently slammed the government and ANC for the amount of corruption quite clearly visible on all levels.

The current strikes are for increases that are double or more of the current inflation rate.  Now, knowing myself that the inflation rate is the biggest farce out, I can see their point, especially seeing that quite a few CEO’s and top management of parastatals are handing themselves increases of more than double what the workers are asking for.

They also want to get rid of labour brokers, and a few other requests.

Why strike

Now here is where my understanding ends.  Labour brokers help a lot of the union members to get work, why get rid of them?  There are the ones that take advantage of blue-collar workers, but then, there are full-time employers that do exactly the same.  Are we going to get rid of employers next?  We need to make sure that workers are not getting taken advantage of, which is what the unions are for.  But then… Continue reading Unions, good and evil