Bring back corporal and capital punishment

News 24 blames the violence in school on the lack of empathy in teachers and a few other issues.,,2-7-1442_1970291,00.html.  I say that is crap!

The violence in schools can IMHO be attributed to the lack of any discipline in schools.  As someone who had corporal punishment as part of my upbringing at home and at school, I can honestly say it made me a better person.  Today's youth have no respect, and no discipline, because it is not enforced on them.  Sure, corporal punishment might have had a negative phsycological effect on a few, but for most it had only a positive effect.  When you did wrong and got caught, you knew what was coming.  Now you can do almost what you want, and the worst that will happen is that someone might have a bit of a talk with you.  PLEASE!

As for capital punishment, I think the current spate of violent crime speaks for itself.  The criminals know that if they get caught, they'll be out in a fairly short period of time, and there is no danger of losing your own life.  In a few other african countries, capital punishment is in place for any violent crime.  This would include someone pushing a kid of a bicycle to steal it.  Again, their crime statistics speak for itself, the criminals there know that the punishment is harsh, and therefore refrain from doing the crime.

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