Wake up Jon Qwelane

In his column on News24, http://www.news24.com/News24/Columnists/Jon_Qwelane/0,,2-1630-1633_1965414,00.html, Jon Qwelane states that he hopes Zuma wins his lawsuits against the South African media. 

For those of you who don't know, Zuma (our ex-debuty president) is suing the media for R61 million for defamation, after they reported on his rape case.

Jon maybe you should wake up!  Do you realise that if he wins his case, it will mean the end of free press in this country, it will also free up these "despicable little men of certain newspapers", as you call them, to sue you for defamation for calling them that.

Zuma brought most of what the media said upon himself with his ridiculous statements in court.  Let's leave it at that, and let the courts decide whether he has any leg to stand on.  I seriously doubt that any judge in his right mind will award the case to Zuma, but this is South Africa after all, and anything is possible.

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