The ANCYL made two very controversial statements this weekend.


They want the Union Buildings renamed, because it "is a symbol of oppression".

Are you retarded or confused?  Here is a quick history lesson.  The Union buildings were built around 1910, as a symbol of the re-integration of the old Transvaal republic into the rest of South Africa (forming a union).  This was after the Boer war against the English, and had absolutely nothing to do with apartheid or oppression!

Stop the mindless renaming of symbols of our history.


"We love Mugabe"

You have answered my question from above, you are retarded.  If you cannot see that Mugabe is pulling his country into the depths of poverty, and that the country is waiting for another revolution to happen, then you are blind or stupid, or probably both.  Maybe you should start thinking about the impact of your comments before making them!  You have just shot the little credibility you had left (maybe there was nothing) in both feet.

Maybe you should go back to what you are supposed to do, uplift the youth of the country and stop trying to play political games.

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