IOL: SAAF hit by ‘racial transfer’ row

I think the SANDF is taking things a bit far here.  Government tells them that they have to have a 25/75 percent white/black pilot split, and instead of adding a few black pilots, they go and remove three whites.  And that is not the worst of the move, the spokesperson then goes on to say that they don't want all their best pilots to be fighter pilots, they need some to fly helicopters and transport aircraft.

Wake up!

We want our best pilots to fly the fighter jets, I don't want some incompetent pilot, who battles to fly a transport plane in normal conditions, to have to fly in combat conditions, he won't last seconds against any other force's pilots, because they only use their best.

So now we have the second best pilots, and the second best administrators in place, why not just can the defence force, they won't be able to protect us if they only have second rate staff!

Source: IOL: SAAF hit by 'racial transfer' row

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