Crime plan for Joburg: South Africa: News: News24

Is this the best you can do?  Another 500 fat, lazy (ok, not all of them, but a lot) people to manage speed traps and check that no-one is talking on a cellphone while driving.

Get real, that's not what we need.  We need visible policing, to stop our road carnage, as well as the out-of-control crime rate in our country.

We should really look at automated speed traps, and get the Metro cops to start doing their work.  I see hundreds of taxis (mostly) and other cars skipping red traffic lights every week.  These are in a few hot spots around the city, which the Metro Police know about, but do nothing about, it is much easier to just sit behind a speed camera than to actually pull someone over.

I challenge the management of Jo'burg and the Metro Police to do better than this. 

Link to Crime plan for Joburg: South Africa: News: News24

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