‘It is because I am black’: South Africa: News: News24

This statement by a senior provincial politician embodies what is currently wrong with our country.  And the people on the street learn their bad habits from this.

The politician's motorcade was driving too fast, just another person that's supposed to set an example,  but that thinks he is above the law.  And when a white person takes him on about breaking the law, he immediately falls back on the old "Apartheid"/"You're hassling me because I'm black" excuse.

You can seriously stop with that now, we're hassling you because you're not above the law, and you should start setting an example for your people.

In my opinion, the moment our population stop attaching anything remotely racist to normal comments, our country will be a much better place.

Link to 'It is because I am black': South Africa: News: News24

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