Home alterations

We're currently busy with quite a few changes to our house.  One of the things we needed was a fence so that we could keep the dogs away from the main gate and the entrances to what would eventually our business premises.

I saw a guy putting up palisade fencing at the vet close to my house, and decided to get him to quote.  From the start the service was excellent, but unfortunately that only lasted until he started the job.  It was not a major job, with about 40 meters of fencing to be done.

Before he started painting I changed the order to add doggy bars at the bottom so that the dogs can't get through, and paid my deposit for that.

He did that job and then started painting, on a Friday morning.  By 4 the afternoon my wife phoned and said he needs his money because he can't pay his labourer, and I assumed he was finished with the job and duly paid the outstanding balance.  Only to get home and see that he used a spray-gun to paint the fence, so now I had white plants, white lawn, and the part that seriosuly annoyed me, was the white paint on the green palisade, and on the yellow walls, both of which we painted less that 4 months ago.

He also missed the back fence completely, forgetting to paint it and to put doggy bars on.

After almost a week of first being nice, and later starting to threaten, he eventually returned and fixed the walls and palisade, put doggy bars on the wrong gate, and painted the back fence, but still not properly.

This guy calls his business WWW.CON, short for Walter's Welding Works and Construction.  If you ever consider using him to do work for you, I would think twice about it if I were you.

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