Most painful gift ever

I finally have it, my new tattoo.

The love of my life gave it to me for my birthday, after a few weeks of me looking at and rejecting designs. I finally ended up combining two designs that I liked myself, and slept on it for another two weeks.

Baldy's Tattoo

The Kanji writing in the middle means “Never Give Up”, which sums up my general attitude, and yes I triple checked the translation…

I have to say that I cannot recommend the position of the tattoo on your body. The pain factor on this one was more than triple that of my previous tattoo.  It rates up there with digging tar out of your wounds after coming off the bike at speed, and then scrubbing the wound with a pot scourer.  The artist agreed that the place I chose was also the only one he did not like.

I went to Max from Evolution Tattoo at Princess Crossing.  It must be the cleanest artist I’ve seen.  He literally took about 15 minutes to clean his workstation in full view of the front of the shop before starting on me, even replacing the plastic covering over the machine’s cables.

Thank you Leigh!

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