Is it worth it trying to maintain multiple blogs?

Over the last few weeks I’ve written a few articles on MyDigitalLife, where, should you be deemed a good enough writer, you start getting paid per hit.  While checking on my hit count etc, I’ve fallen into the bad habit of reading the latest blog posts every time I visit.  I have to honestly say that I’m a worse person for reading some of the mind numbing posts out there.

There are a FEW of the bloggers there that write quality stuff, but mostly…Well let’s not comment any further, go have a look at this beauty.  And there are a few more of these.

I strive for constant improvement in my life, in everything I attempt, whether it be writing – in comprehensible language – or watching the grass grow – trying to see more detail every time :-).  And in this constant quest for improvement, I do not want to be associated with the likes of snake.

I have also been neglecting this blog because of my writing on that side, and I do not want to neglect my primary site, so I’ve decided to commit site suicide (removing my profile, not killing myself), but I have to say it seems that it may be more difficult than trying to commit FaceBook suicide, which can be nearly impossible, according to the few who’ve tried.

So, I’ll now move my articles from that side to this one, and see if the kick me off for breaking one of the rules of the site – linking back to your own blog.

So, back to my question, is it worth maintaining multiple blogs?  Only if you want to hide your political/personal views…

2 thoughts on “Is it worth it trying to maintain multiple blogs?”

    1. I still run more than one, this one is where I do my general writing and ranting, and the other 2 are focused at specific technical topics.

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