I had the privilege of meeting Scott Hanselman the other day while he was here in SA.  I have to say he's an absolutely awesome guy, and it is nice to meet someone in the flesh after following their blog and podcast for some time now.

He's written about his experiences in our country on his blog, and I must say that this incident makes me embarrassed to be South African. 

Unfortunately the racism in our country seems to be getting worse, not better.  And it is definitely not limited to white-on-black, which is the only type hitting the news unfortunately.  The "Xenophobia" crisis from earlier this year showed exactly how strong racism is here, and that was Xhosa & Zulu vs the rest of the smaller black tribes, not only people from other countries, but locals as well.  Shocking, but true…

Scott, I'm glad you could experience the South-African hospitality, I must say that is one thing I've missed when going to other countries, people just aren't as friendly as here (most of the time).  I've had experiences in our country, where I've been in a strange place on my own for work, and total strangers would invite me to celebrate a family member or friend's birthday with them, the moment they find out you're there on your own, and before they've even asked your name.  Where else does this happen?


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