Our shocking school system

The matric pass rates have just been released, and once again they are down. 62.7% passed matric (the passed used here is a bit of a farce as described later).  And only 10% managed to get over 50% for maths.

This is the first group of matrics that have had Outcome Based Education from their first year in school, and it does not look like this system is working.

According to official reports "Candidates had to pass three subjects at a minimum of 40 percent and three at a minimum of 30 percent.", now that requirement is a hell of a lot lower than what the pass requirements were in my day, and still our minister of education is defending the OBE system.

Mrs Pandor, your department seems to be as useless as the OBE system.  Some of the other countries that adopted the system before us have abandoned it, or at a very minimum, revised it to include some of the older methods.  Why are you defending this system to the death (of your career)?

I understand that it seemed like a good idea when you implemented the system, and at that stage it looked fairly successful in other countries, but now you should be changing tack, and implementing a system that works.  We need young people coming out of our schools that can perform in the job market, and if you are letting them out of school with the current pass requirements, you are doing them a disservice.  This is a huge problem, and if you cannot fix it, you need to step down so that someone that can fix this issue can start working towards it.

Update According to an article on News 24, the crap results have been manipulated to be higher than what it was.

All I can say is EISH!!!

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