Photo Effects

I recently bought a new camera, after not quite getting the quality pictures I wanted from the Canon S50.  The S50 is a top-end digital camera, but does not nearly get to the standard of even the basic DSLRs.  Initially I was looking at the Canon 450, but found a really good deal on the 40D, which is miles better than the 450, with some professional photographers saying that the image quality is very close to the 5D.

On christmas day I was playing with the shutter speed, and got these by zooming while taking the photo at a relatively slow shutter speed.  I included the palm tree without the effect just for comparison.  The palm tree effect was done using a slower shutter speed than the other two, which added some nice light effects.

[usercontrol: /user controls/gallery.ascx ImageUrl=/Files/Photography/Effects/;RepeatColumns=2;Width=200]

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