Perpetuating corruption

I was watching Carte Blanche last night to see the piece about apocalypse 2012 (a subject for another post), and while waiting for that to come on, saw the piece about corruption in the various large Metro Police departments in our country.

Now, anyone that has ever been pulled over by our lovely Metro Police knows that 9 times out of 10 you could probably get away by paying a bribe spot-fine.  And this has been confirmed by research over multiple years by multiple people.  Even the banks in Durban are raising the issue of "irregular" deposits by these cops on a daily basis.

The part that really amazed me was when it was admitted, that even the cops that get fired for corruption, are normally reinstated on the insistence of the union.  That is utter bullshit!

Apparently the unions are not happy that these corrupt cops get fired, they don't want anyone to be fired.  In my mind this stance puts a huge question mark on the integrity of the union leaders.

So, if you are a union member, paying your monthly contribution for these guys to "fight for your rights".  Have you wondered what your union bosses' prices are? 

Clearly they don't mind the corruption happening, so they must have a price.  You pay them to fight for you, and then your employer pays them to not fight.  What a wonderful way to get rich, as long as you are seen to be in meetings, everyone thinks you are trying to resolve issues, but in the meantime…

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