The comparison is laughable

Jacob Zuma's persecution compared to Jesus's persecution 

You must be joking Ace Magashule!

You clearly did not think before making this connection.  Oh hang on, it is not ANC policy to think before you talk, so you did well then.

If you bothered to go above and beyond the call of duty, and spent 3 seconds thinking about the comparison you were attempting to make, you would have noticed how KAK that comparison actually is.

JC, at least according to the literature that we have about his life, always kept his side of things clean.  He made sure that his actions were for the greater good of mankind, at least what was then considered to be the greater good of mankind.  The people that persecuted him did not want everyone to be equal, they wanted to be the handful that were more equal than the general poulation.

It seems that JZ would have fit in greatly with the group that persecuted JC.  With his actions that are clearly only for the greater good of JZ, no-one else.

I have to request all politicians to seriously start thinking before opening their traps.

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