Let idiocy prevail

The Right to Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign has decided to oppose the work of our Minister of Land Affairs and Agriculture.  If you haven't seen what she's doing, she's repossessed a farm that was given to previously disadvantaged farmers during the land restitution campaign.  Her reason for doing this, the new land owners took a profitablke farm and ran it into the ground.  Something our country cannot afford to allow. 

Every country needs to be able to produce enough produce to feed everyone, otherwise you have to constantly import from other countries, whic is bad for our economy.  It is much better to over-produce and export.

Clearly our objectors have not thought through their actions, otherwise they would not be protesting.  The minister does not currently have plans to give the land back to the previous owner, she wants to give it to someone who wants to farm it, and make a success of it.  We need to do that with every farm out there, that forms the basis of a strong economy.

So do me a favour, take your objections and shove it for the greater good of our country.

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