Taxi Violence Erupts Again

Traffic was absolute bliss this morning with no mini-bus taxis on the road. 

Poor commuters who depend on the taxis to get to work.  And once again the proceedings could not go on peacefully for very long. 

The protestors shot a bus driver in Soweto, for just doing his job.

A message to the taxi drivers:  The taxis are not your birth right, as your council secretary claims.  Yes, there were pioneers that saw an opportunity and took it, and then the rest of you followed because it looked like easy money, and you get to intimidate the tax-paying population on the roads.  If you want to ensure that you stay in business, you better be offering a service that is deemed safer, more convenient and at a lower cost than your competitor.  These are the normal rules of business, and if you can't follow them, then do me a favour and…

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