The Shaik Saga

I'm not going to voice too much of my opinion on this issue, except to say, that once again the government is doing things wrong, and here are the changes I would like to see.

We need transparency in this country.  From my viewpoint, this is just another corrupt criminal that got away with it.  If you're going to be eligible for "medical" parole, the exact conditions that you suffer from should be published (somewhere, I'm not saying in the media).  If you don't want this to be put out there for all to see, you are not eligible for medical parole.  Period.

Adding on to that, there should be a board of medical professionals making this decision.  A while ago there was a story in the media, I can't find the link at this point, that he was getting a considerable amount of his funds back, after it was confiscated as "proceeds from crime related activities".  A few weeks later he's released with a "terminal" illness.  

Right after he received the funds to be able to bribe the "medical professional" to make this diagnosis.  At least if there was board approving this, there may be one or two that will not accept the bribe.  (Oh who am I kidding, TIA)

So, now we wait and see, is Shaik really terminally ill, or is he a good actor?

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