Why you should vote

I've spoken to a number of people who've told me that they will be exercising their democratic right to not cast a vote in the upcoming election.  I do not have a problem with you exercising your right, but just want to caution you.

The ANC needs more than 60% of the votes to enable them to change the constitution as they please.  I say again, 60% of votes cast.

That means by you deciding to not cast a vote at all, you're making it easier for them to get that 60%.

If you've decided that there is no party with which you can agree on political views, at least do the rest of us one favour, pick a party that you feel has no hope in hell to win the election, and cast your vote for them.

At least that way you'll be expanding the pool of cast votes out of which the ANC needs 60%

2 thoughts on “Why you should vote”

  1. Ek stem absoluut saam met jou! gaan stem net mense, al stem julle vir die groen party stem net! ek gaan defnitief stem, al is dit net sodat ek die reg het om te kla.

  2. The ANC has already increased the required Pool by some 500,000 votes from the various graveyards in the country. This has been relayed to an employee some time ago. The have learned the lesson from the Watchtower/Morman’s who needs members and will induct them as free and willing joinees.

    Vote and ensure that all whites will have a say.

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