Misunderstood keyword

At the beginning of the year, instead of deciding on a stack of new-year’s resolutions, I decided on one keyword for the year. #create. Whether it be more blog posts, some awesome photos, usable applications in the public domain, website that people would actually want to visit/use. That was my motto for the year, to create more and consume less.

But I have to admit, it looks like I misinterpreted my keyword. I went for #procreate instead. My daughter was born on the 28th of January, and I don’t think my blog has been quieter than this before. I’ve done a few posts, but not nearly as many as I wanted to, and not nearly the standard of content that I wanted to produce. And adding to the #procreate meme, my second (biological) child is on the way, ETA 24 December. So far the doctor has his money on another girl. I say as long as baby is healthy and of sound mind, the gender does not bother me too much.

But it is time to get my butt into gear and live up to the keyword for the year, and probably for the next few years. #CREATE. I’ll be trying to post more regularly on the blog, not just twitter. And I have a few projects in mind to sharpen the saw of my development skills again.

The whole idea behind the #create keyword was to move from being a consumer of knowledge to a creator of knowledge. But in the process I think I’ve become even a bigger consumer. I have been a bit more focused on the subjects I’ve chosen, adding hundreds of links to Delicious for later consumption. As I get to the new topics, and new things I want to learn I will post about it.

So watch this space.

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