The Poor Man’s Photographic Still Life Table

We’ve been trying for quite some time to take decent photos of Tranquil Body Treats products we manufacture and sell.  Taking 100+ products to a professional product photographer is above our budget for a startup business, so we’ve had to make a plan.

We’ve tried a variety of backgrounds, but so far all of them had some issues.  Shadows were a problem, and reproducing the lighting conditions with the plants as a backdrop was near impossible, the photos did not come out that nice, but were a start.

Next we tried to use large white sheets of polystyrene behind and under the products, but you could clearly see the corners, and taking that all out in post, although possible, is still a lot of work.

The I started looking for the professional solutions, and found the Manfrotto Still Life table, but at between R7000 and R9000, that is extremely pricy.

For the time being, I’ve made a plan that has worked quite well for us.  I took a large plastic box, and a 1 millimetre thick piece of large cardboard, stuffed in so that there are no folds, only rounded corners.

The results speak for themselves, I still need to add lighting to try and get rid of the last little shadows, but for now we have photos we can use, at the sum total of R250

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