Part of unofficial statistics

So, I’ve finally become part of statistics (unofficially, more about that further down).  Me and one of my teammates were riding out in the South of Johannesburg, trying to get in some base mileage before the next Vets tour in two weeks time.  When on the Eikenhof road two guys crossed the road in front of us, pointing a gun at us, and telling us to stop.  The one holding the gun asked for 50 bucks (looks like he knows the exact amount us cyclists normally carry on long rides).  I tried to get the money out of my pocket, but with the winter gloves on it is an impossible task.

The second guy came around behind me, took my hand out of my pocket, and helped himself to the money my mobile phone, and a packet of jelly babies.  And then started pushing the bike telling me to go.  I went slowly at first, listening for sounds behind me, because they hadn’t let my teammate go yet.  So I was kind of waiting for a shot, or shouting, or something, not wanting to look around in case they do start shooting then.  About 200 metres down the road I snuck a quick look, and very relieved saw my teammate not far behind me, also riding.

We carried on down the road and stopped at the police station about 10 km further.  When we told them we’d just been robbed at gunpoint, they looked up for a few seconds, and turned around and carried on talking amongst themselves.  Nice service SAPS.  Don’t tell me to at least report a crime, and then not even be willing to take down my statement or let me use your phone!

Maybe the police should have a website where we can report these crimes, without having to go to a police station, since they’re not going to do much anyway.  At least then we’ll have more accurate crime statistics in this country, and not the bullshit (this is my site, I can say what I want) they’re feeding us at the moment.


So I'll start this off with a bit of background about myself.

My name is Barend Burger, I'm 30 years old, and am currently working at a bank as the software development manager.  I've been doing the software development thing for 12+ years, and am still enjoying it very much, becasue it offers a new challenge every day.

My other interests are mainly sport, partaking and watching.  My main sport is cycling, I race competitively in the Vets 30-34 licensed section, I'm not quite up there with the big boys yet, but I have been improving steadily over the last year, and I'm hoping to be there by the end of the year. 

Second on the list of sport is squash, which I play at least twice a week.  I used to play Gauteng league, but have given that a skip for the last two years, because my club has two very strong local leagues going on the same nights, and I'd rather support my own club than another. 

Third on my list of sports that I partake in is golf, but unfortunately I do not get that much time for it, because cycling takes up most of my available time.  I play off a 24 handicap and am playing right on my handicap at the moment.  If I had more time, I would probably be able to improve it slightly, and it would also be easier if my home club was somewhere other than Krugersdorp.  For those of you who don't know Krugersdorp, it is a fairly difficult course, and protects your handicap very nicely.

Other than sport, I read a lot to keep my mind occupied, novels and non-fiction, I try to balance it, reading one novel for every non-fiction book, but I don't always have that luxury.

So that's me in a nutshell.