“Goals” kill motivation

Well maybe not, we all need some lofty goals for ourselves to keep things going and add some spice to life. But in my opinion these should be extremely high level.

A few years ago I followed the advice of some blog out there, I’m not even going to attempt to find that link again, and set some specific goals for myself. Some of them were around my sideline business at the time, some around my sports training, some around self improvement, and some around the things that I actually enjoyed doing.

When I say specifics, I mean SPECIFIC.
One of the goals was to lose x kilogram by this date, another to write so many blog posts every month, etc, etc, etc.

Now, blogging is something I did for fun at the time, and the moment I put that “goal” on myself, I stopped enjoying the writing process, because now I was forcing the issue.

Since then I’ve been writing off and on more then that now, and constantly thinking to myself, I should be doing x many posts, and I’m just not getting it done.

So, in an effort to actually enjoy life, and the things I used to love some more, I’ve removed a lot of “goals” from my life. And maybe added a few new ones in the process.

Some of the new ones:

  • Try not to think of work over weekends (Everyone needs rest, and to maintain life balance)
  • Don’t do anything you don’t enjoy doing (Pay other people to do the mundane stuff, it works out better for both parties)
  • Spend as much time as possible with the family (there’s a caveat here, because I also want to spend quality time on my bike, but balance is important in all aspects)

You see, at a much higher level, and aimed at getting some more enjoyment out of life. We have enough pressure at our workplaces to not need any more in our personal lives. And if this means that I don’t get to make the billions everyone dream of having, then so be it. Memories are worth more anyway.

Mazda 5 – My first impressions

Buying a car is expensive nowadays, and I did a lot of homework before deciding on the Mazda 5. My reason for deciding on it was that it had the most space in the third row of seats out of all the MPVs I tested, but was still small enough for my wife to drive, seeing that she’s moving up from a Peugeot 206.

I’ve had the car for a few weeks now, and overall I’m loving it.  There is plenty of space, with two baby seats in the middle row, an 8 year old in the back row, and multitudes of bags and prams in the boot.  Ok, half the boot, seeing the back row of seats fold flat to create the boot, so we have one up and one down to fit the whole family. Continue reading Mazda 5 – My first impressions