UK – Day 1 & 2

Our first day in the UK was spent doing as little as possible.  We took a walk to the shops to get some required supplies, after getting things confiscated on OR Tambo because of the ridiculous fluid limits on personal luggage, you are allowed to take as much fluid as you want, as long as there's no more that 100ml in a container.  What is that going to help?  They actually force you to put all the bottles in a clear re-sealable plastic bag, providing you with a nice big container, should your plans be to mix all those fluids for whatever sinister reasons you have.  IDIOTS!

We did go for dinner at one of the local pubs, where the food was not so good, but the beer was.  Then at 9, one of  the waiters walk up and say we have to leave now.  WHAT? We had just ordered a new round, and barely taken a sip.  And we behaved!

So the bartender says that they are only licensed to have kids in the establishment until 9, and he'd gladly refund our money because he forgot to tell us earlier.  Cheapest round I've ever bought, downed the pint, took my money and left.

We're now visiting some friends, and I got my first drive on a Nintendo Wii yesterday.  Now this is definitely a console I will buy, and a great pity we do not get them in SA.  For those of you who don't know what a Wii is, look at

Brilliant concept, and even one you can let the kids play all day, since you get some serious exercise while playing.  The controls have motion sensors in them, so with the sport games we played, you actually swing the control alike a raquet/club/bat/bowling ball to play.  Great fun, I'll be looking for one before we come home.

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