Travelling from Paris to London

Today was spent going from Paris to London.  We took off early from the hotel and caught the train into Paris, from there changing onto the Eurostar.

A 3 hour train ride later we were in London.  I kind of expected that travelling at 250+ km/h would be more impressive.  It was fast, but didn't feel that way with the smoothness of the train.  I'll definitely have to do the same speed in a car to get the full effect.  I also expected us to be in the chunnel for about an hour, but we were out in about 30 minutes flat, the only signal that we were now in the UK was the english road signs.

Once in London, we had to do some more train riding to get to Leigh-Ann's sister's place, where we could catch up with her parents before they went back to SA.

And once again, at 9:30 at night, the sun is still shining, and my body clock is now seriously screwed up, not sure when to sleep and when to be awake.


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