Me and Leigh-Ann got married on the 31st of August.  In case you are wondering why so soon after the engagement…read on.

I decided to ask her on our holiday overseas, but when we realised that we'll need to arrange our wedding around the availibilty of family members, who we definitely wanted at the wedding, we started arranging the wedding, but I was not willing to change my plans for the proposal, so things seemed a bit ass about face, but worked out perfectly.

The venue we used was absolutely stunning, Oakfield Farm in Muldersdrift, and the service they gave us was awesome to say the least.  I can recommend them.

I let Leigh do most of the arrangements, and must say that it was the right decision.  Everything was planned to the T and worked out perfect.  Thanks Love.

We went to Plett for a few days for our honeymoon.  I was reminded just how beautiful it is on that part of the country, I haven't been down there for about 6 years.  I'll move to Nature's Valley in a blink if I had the opportunity.  Photos to follow soon.

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