Who’s your daddy

Today I experienced the second defining experience of my life.  My daughter was born at 12:51 Wednesday 28 January 2009.
Words cannot describe the emotions & feelings, trust me I’ve been trying to find the words all afternoon, and I now officially stop trying, and just enjoy the feeling.

She must be daddy’s girl, because she took her time do decide it was time to come out, but once she decided, there was no stopping her, she was out in a very short space of time.  All natural, with only a shot of pethadine to take the bite off the pain.  Very impressive.

3.3kg and 50cm at birth, she wasn’t a small baby either.

The camera was busy throughout the experience and I’ve included a few of the photos here.

Mom and dad waiting for things to start
2 hours later
Exercise those lungs for the first time, nothing wrong there
Mom and baby reunited, at this stage the doctor was still busy...
Doctor was done at this point, Abby cuddling with mom to get some heat
Daddy is proud, but still new to this
Man that thermometer is cold under your arm
My first outfit, I'm sure daddy will buy many more ...I'm a girl after all
Big yawn, getting born is hard work
Hello world, peeking at least
Like I said before, daddy is proud, and happy
First bath, loving the water
Yes, absolutely loving the water
Don't stop sprinkling that water over me, please!
Had a bath, and a nice dinner, sleeping contently

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