Charity work

Some time last year I was approached by a friend of mine, who had just started a charity, for some help on a website.  At that point they had nothing, but needed to get a portal out to the world to showcase their work.  Normally I would not just give something, because I believe that a lot of people take advantage of charity, and become lazy.  The proof is standing at just about every traffic light in Joburg.

However, this charity is different, and I decided to sponsor the registration, hosting and building of their website.  You can get some details here.  The reason why I say that this charity is different?  They have upliftment workshops, where they teach the recipients skills to help themselves earn a honest living.  The moment that they see a recipient is taking advantage, and not doing their part, that recipient is off the program.  Also the 3 people running Bathabile do not take any money for what they are doing, every cent contributed to the charity goes straight to the recipients.

So, please go have a look, and contribute whatever you can.

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  1. Kan jy vir hierdie mense se dat ons verskillende kosse maak wat ons wil verkoop. Liefde Pa,

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