I can recommend a brilliant photographer

We do quite a few photo shoots as a family, and we’ve worked with a number of photographers in the past.  And almost every time we walked away with the thought “Won’t use that one again”.  This was never because of the quality of the photography, but more a clash of personalities and work ethics.

When doing these shoots we expect the photographer to give some guidance, but also be adaptable.  We’ve worked with a few who gave no guidance whatsoever, and some who were completely inflexible.  Both a no-no in my book.

On Sunday we did a shoot with Jeanette Verster, and I can honestly say we’ve found a photgrapher that fits in perfectly with what we’ve been looking for.  Someone that provides some guidance, but remains flexible and improvises to use the changing environment to her advantage.

The shots came out awesome, here are some of them.


All three kids

Two sisters

3 thoughts on “I can recommend a brilliant photographer”

  1. I so agree, we have a beautiful family and Jenty certainly made sure she captured every emotion and every bit of happiness and beauty. We will so use her again and again !

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