Paris – Day 3

Today we spent the day at Euro Disney.

To be honest, had I known what I know now, I would rather have gone to Paris again.  Not because I didn't like Disney, purely because it was too busy.

Everything, from getting into the place to taking a piss required standing in a que!  Some of the rides had estimated waiting times of 90 minutes or more.  Needless to say, I gave all the big-name rides a skip.  I cannot handle standing in so many queues.

Next time, I'll make sure we come out of season, and spend at least 3 days in the park.  The place is too big to try and see everything in one day.

Out of the things we did do, the Studio Tour was brilliant, with a set that simulated earthquakes, had some fire, and doused the lot with 265,000 litres of water in about 2.5 seconds.  An impressive sight indeed.

The pirates of the carribean boat trip was quite good.  And we attempted a trip through the haunted house, but that is clearly not for young kids, with Josh crying most of the way through.

 My legs are pretty sore from the previous two days standing and walking, and with today's added, it's getting worse.

And at 21:15, we wtill have as much daylight as at 5 in the afternoon in SA.

Anyway, tomorrow we take the Eurostar to London, I'll keep you updated.

 Lessons learnt:

Try to travel out of season, and find out what's in and out of season in your destination.  It seems to be school holidays here, with most of the people in Disney speaking some European language.

Book all the tickets you can upfront, it will make lafe a bit easier, and less shock on the wallet.

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